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Hi, It's R.J. This page is where all my little author rants or as I like to call them Indie Author Soapbox Moments can all be easily found in one place. So if your looking for insight into Indie publishing from a passionate advocate of the indie writing world, you've come to the right place. At least one Indie Author Soapbox Moments (IASM) will be posted every month. So check back frequently. Also feel free to ask me any question you like about the Indie publishing world and my opinions on various related topics. I will make sure to answer your questions in my next Indie Author Soapbox Moment. Thanks for stopping by ;)

What Makes You An Author?

Librarians Do It Between the Covers!

Religion, Mythology and Fiction.

Share the Love (We artist need it too)

The Second Time Around

Lookie, Lookie, I've Gone Nookie!

Blog Block

The Magic Formula

Drawing Inspiration

Writing Techniques

New and Blue

What's in a Name?

We've Got it Covered!

A Poet's Tale

Excerpts are for Perverts

Some Like it Dark

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Print, eBook, or Audio book, What's Your Poison?

Has Every Story Been Already Told?

Dyslexic Novelist

Wattpad Do You Think?

Is It Your Cup of Tea?

The Forsaken Comes Out May 1st!

Introducing Raven

How The Forsaken Came To Be

Life as the Wife of a Musician 

To Blog or Not To Blog?

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