Friday, March 22, 2013

To Blog or not to Blog?

Once there was a little girl who was wildly imaginative; whose favorite pastime was books. She enjoyed reading and writing her own stories so much she preferred it to interacting with other people. To her, being an author was the ideal job. When she grew up she wanted to live in a cabin in the woods far away from town. (With a house full of cats) she would spend every waking moment writing, and obsessing over her imaginary world. Being an author would fulfill her creative needs and give her an income to live on without requiring her to deal with pesky human beings. Then, one day she grew up and found out that this hassle-free fantasy job did not exist. It turns out that even in publishing you have to have people skills, especially in today’s social-media-driven society.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, that little girl was me. Writing has been my life’s passion, but it wasn’t until three years ago that I decided to pursue it professionally. When I started researching the business, I found out that whether or not you publish with a big publishing house, a small press, or self-publish, today’s authors have to aggressively promote themselves if they want to make a serious living. And that means blogging, amongst other things. So although I’ve had a blog on my website for a few years now, I haven’t really been consistent with it. However, with the release of my debut novel “The Forsaken” on the horizon it’s time for me to buckle down and become a serious blogger, if for no other reason than to shamefully self-promote my book.

But the good news is I’m also a total media junkie, ridiculously opinionated and honest to a fault. So on top of my occasional blogs singing my own praise and detailing all the many reasons why you should all go forth and buy my book; I will also post honest and entertaining blogs about art, movies, music, and books; all my favorite things. I should also mention that I have this strange condition called movie-quoting Tourette’s. This means that I have the uncontrollable urge to quote movies at random moments. So be advised that my blogs may be infused with random quotes, but never fear I will give the movie references so as not to confuse my readers. Also, if I quote a film you’ve never heard of, please feel free to ask me for more info about said film and I’ll make sure to review it in one of my posts. So remember to visit my website every Monday and Friday to read my latest post.

Now I need some kind off signature sign off, something clever, to the point and unique to me, hmmm… I got it!
Now go forth, my children, and buy my book! (when it comes out) 

R.J. Craddock