Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog Block

If you follow my blog regularly you might have noticed that I've gotten a little lazy as of late with posting my 

weekend blog. The reason for this is that I'm having blog writer's block. When I first started blogging it felt like I 

had endless things to write about, and my energy level was high. Seven months later I'm starting to loose my 

steam. I try to keep this blog focused on my books, books I like, movies, and things related to the genera I write - 

Urban Fantasy. It feels as though I can only say so much about these things before I start repeating myself. So, I'm 

open to suggestions here, my readers. Is there something in particular you'd like to hear more about? Something 

related to my novel "The Forsaken" or book two "The Offspring"? Or perhaps you're curious about my writing 

process, or interested to hear about the other books I'm developing? How about a Q and A session? Anything at all, 

I'm open to new ideas here. Just leave me a comment on this blog or on my facebook page.

As far as book two is concerned, I'm right on schedule. I'm about to head into the first round of beta readers. I'm 

looking forward to hearing all that they have to say and using their feedback to improve my novel. Anyway, before 

I go I'd like to remind you all that Monday the 29th (today) marks the beginning of my facebook event: "Barnes 

and Noble take over!" Just read the previous blog for more details about that.

Below I've added the link to my book trailer for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Well, that's all for now. Now go forth, 

read, drink hot coco, and watch movies for tomorrow we'll just do it all over again!

R.J. Craddock

The Forsaken Reel

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Magic Formula

Takes Over

If you've visited my facebook page recently you might have noticed I've created a new event called "Barnes and Noble take over!" I promised to share details of this event, so here it is.

Recently a good friend of mine and fellow author told me The Magic Formula to getting an indie book on the bookshelf of a big chain like Barnes and Noble. She explained it to me as it was told to her by her publisher, a small local press. However, after she was done telling me, I still didn't quite understand it, so I had her detail it to me again. When I tried to explain this to my husband he was completely confused. So being a visual person I decided to make a little diagram.

The Magic Formula

Phase One: Three different people have to request/order the same book (The Forsaken) from the same Barnes and Noble store in the same week, in three different locations in the country. This gets that book stalked in the Barnes and Noble warehouse.

Phase Two: Three different people have to request/ order the same book (The Forsaken) from the same Barnes and Noble store in the same week, in three different locations in the country. This gets the book stalked on Barnes and Noble bookshelves nation wide!

I thought it might be a fun experiment to give this Magic Formula a try myself. So the point of my Barnes and Noble take over event, is to try and orchestrate Phase One the next week. If anyone who hasn't bought the book yet would like to be apart of this please leave a personal message on my Facebook fan page We'll be launching into Phase One starting Oct, 21st. Let's see if we can make this thing work, shall we?!!!

I'll keep you all up to date with the events' progress, and let you know when Phase Two starts. That's all for now, so go forth and share this post with everyone you know, lets get this baby viral! Thanks. :) Until next week.

R.J. Craddock

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Drawing Inspiration

So it seems like I'm getting overwhelmed these days. With the editing of book two and the first draft writing of book three, not to mention a backyard renovation nightmare, I'm totally swamped. So, I apologize for not posting last weekend. But I have good news. I have finished all the drawings for book two! I've got a lot of work to do on the cover still but I'm half way to finishing the book and having it ready to publish by May 2014! "And the villagers rejoiced! Yay."

Now your probably wondering, if you've read "The Forsaken", why every chapter has a sketch above the title? Where does this idea come from and what is the significance? Well, part of it comes from my childhood, being raised by a former art teacher, and from my own experiences in art school. My father always told us, "If you want to draw well you have to keep a sketch book journal, and draw at least one thing a day." This was reiterated at the Art Institute of Phoenix where I studied animation and media arts. Every truly aspiring artist keeps a sketch book journal. I have gone through many in my time. When I was developing the character Gwenevere, I decided to make her an artist and a singer. After all, Gwen and her story is in many ways strongly based off of myself and my own experiences. I have always expressed myself through art, and writing, or course, so it made sense to give the very troubled and lonely Gwen the same outlet. Through her art work I chose to show her perspective of the world and to help give the sense of her personal growth throughout her journey. Also, I have to admit it gave me the excuse to marry two of my great loves together, art and literature. I, myself, have grown as an artist from this experience, as you'll notice in book two. If you liked the sketches in "The Forsaken" you're going to love the art work in "The Offspring." Gwen, as a character and an artist, grows leaps and bounds in book two and the artwork really reflects that.

It's been really exciting to see the "Children of Cain" series take shape. My original goal for October was to write four chapters, but I'm realizing now that that might not be do-able. So I'm modifying that to two chapters, that seems more reasonable with all the havoc going on in my life. I have the whole series written in my imagination so all I need to do is find enough time to write it all down! Hopefully I'll be able to keep on track with my deadlines and have book two ready by May. Wish me Luck :)

Here are some of the new sketches for your viewing pleasure. Now go forth and feast your eyes, and then like and share all over cyberspace if you feel so inclined.

R.J. Craddock