Friday, October 9, 2015

Funny 4 Free eBook Friday!!!

Hello, everyone! To shake things up a bit and for the sake of having more things to post about, I'm adding new segments to all my social media! One of which is Funny 4 Free eBook Friday! What's that? You ask. Well, it's where I post about something funny; a film, a story, a meme, a picture or what have you, and you the fans comment something funny back, share the post and like or follow the twinner posts on Facebook and Twitter. The fan/ reader who participates the most on the Friday post will win a free eBook either of one of my novels or of a third option should the reader already own both of my books. So here we go, the first installment of Funny 4 Free eBook Friday!
 I don't know how you all feel about reality television, but I personally think it's the worst thing ever! However I know people who I love and care for who absolutely love it, MOM *Cough* so I won't rip on it too much. I will say though that the best kinds of reality shows are home improvement shows like Love It or List It and Flea Market Flip or mockumentary shows like The Office. Otherwise, I feel one's time is better spent reading a book, but then I'm an author so I might be bias. 

Anyways that's all for now. Don't forget to comment, share, and like this post or go to my Facebook page  or Twitter to comment, like and share there as well and use #rjcraddockbooks to get a chance to win a free eBook! The winner will be announced tomorrow Saturday 10th 2015. 

Now go forth and be funny this fine Friday

Until next time, R.J. Craddock