Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Share the Love" (We artist need it too!)

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday here in the states, and giving presents is a great way to share the love. Yes, generally you think of sweet goodies, poetry, flowers, and romantic dinners when you think of this cupid-driven holiday. That’s okay for your sweetheart maybe, but what about your other loved ones? Luckily we live in a modern age where you don't have to run around town dropping off cookies or making trips to the post office to mail out Valentine cards. Instead you can share the love online. Sure you can send them an e-card or an e-gift card, write them a cute little note on facebook, or send them a video link to a song dedicated to them, those are all nice ideas. But say you have a friend or loved one who has a business; 

wouldn't it be nice to show them you care by showing your support for their endeavor? When you’re self-employed, whether it be running your own brick and mortar store/company or running a store online, it's a lot of work, and takes a lot of time to build your reputation, or get a decent clientele. Most of these self-employed/small business owners have facebook pages and twitter accounts dedicated to these businesses. And most of us are dutiful friends and “like” those pages, “like” their posts, read their tweets and blogs, but how often do we share their business info with others? They say that the best advertisement is word of mouth. Well, nowadays we have countless online social networks in which to spread the word about the things we love. Why not use these means to spread the word about the things the ones we love are doing, to help them achieve success? What I propose is this: truly encouraging someone you love is by actively talking about what they do with others who might likewise appreciate their business or talent. 

My husband's sister runs her own bakery with her husband called Hill's Bakery located in the Springville, Utah Ream’s grocery store. They have the best doughnuts ever! I'm not kidding, they really do. I know people who live on the other end of the valley who go out of their way to stop by the Springville Ream’s just to get doughnuts from their bakery. They really are that good! They have recently started a facebook page, and, of course, I went and “liked” it. But I was thinking the other day is this really enough? Does one more “like” on their page really help them sell more doughnuts? I'm not sure it does. 

I think it would show my love and respect for what they do better if I told more people about their bakery. What I'm saying is if there is a small business owner, artist, author, athlete, actor, and what have you in your life, then you should show your love for what they do by sharing the love online, in person, to neighbors, friends or co-workers. They'll feel your appreciation. After all it doesn't take that much effort to open your mouth and speak, or click a button and share. So with that said here are a few sites/facebook pages for loved one who I'd like to show my love for, if you feel inclined please go and visit their sites and “like”/follow their pages and share their information with others who will love them too. Thank you.

Now go forth share the love and I'll see you next time. 

R.J. Craddock