Wednesday, December 16, 2015

First Quarterly Book Bash/ Give Away!

I'm doing an experiment. My books are in a very popular genre and have very common themes. It is very difficult to get to the top 10 let alone the top 100 of a genre on amazon with this many books to compete with. One way to do this is to have a lot of sales on amazon in a short amount of time, this makes your amazon book ranking rise considerably. Why is this important? You ask. Well, the higher your book is on a list or search, the more visible it is to potential readers; which means more book sells and more chance of getting some real attention. So here's what I'm going to do. On Saturday, December 26, I'm throwing a Book Bash for my first book “The Forsaken”. Both my eBooks will be on sale for .99 cents that whole day. I'm trying to get as many people to buy my book that day as possible in the hope it'll help my book rise in the book ranking and thus make “The Forsaken” more visible to readers on amazon. As part of my Book Bash, I will be giving away a $25 gift card to one random person who buys my book that day.  Also, I will give out a few other prizes as well for some other lucky reader to win. Here’s how you get credit for your purchase to be entered into the giveaway.

To Enter into the Giveaway:
1.       Buy “The Forsaken” eBook for .99 cents
2.       Take a screenshot or take a picture of your amazon purchase confirmation email. Post it in the comments of the Book Bash giveaway post on my author Facebook page (2 entries)

For Additional Entries:
1.       Buy book two “The Offspring” as well as “The Forsaken”.  (2 entries)
Again you must show the proof of this purchase in the comments of the giveaway post.
2.       Share your purchase in a post on Facebook, or twitter by using the hashtag #rjcraddockbooks
(1 entry per site)
3.       Like my author Facebook page (1 Entry)

Sunday afternoon December 27th Rafflecopter will take the entries and randomly select one person to win the $25 Amazon gift card and four more to win a copy of one of the four eBooks available. That’s It! Spending .99 cents to potentially get $25 seems pretty awesome right? So mark your calendar, share this post and make sure to join The Forsaken Book Bash the day after Christmas!  You get my eBook for a steal, you could get a free amazon gift card, and it’s a win/win! The .99 cent sale ends on Saturday the 26 at midnight. Here’s hoping my little experiment works and together we can make big changes happen and win lots of great prizes!

Now go forth and enter!

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R.J. Craddock

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Batman & Robin In The Clutches Of Fear

Some of you may not already know this, but my family and I are filmmakers. It is a Craddock family tradition to make a short film for every Halloween. We have them all on youtube on my Ruth Craddock channel if you want to check them all out. Anyways this year we went with a Super Hero theme. This is the results. It's a bit late but then I do have four kids so everything takes longer than I'd like it to. Anyways, without further ado I present to you Batman & Robin In The Clutches Of Fear! Muhahahahahahaha

Now go forth and watch it and share the spooky.

Until next time,
R.J. Craddock

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Numbers Ignite by Rebecca Rode - Cover Reveal

Hello again. It's been a while gentle readers, but there's good news. If you couldn't tell from the title of this post or the great big banner above I'm here to help reveal the cover for a new book coming out soon! Nope not book three in The Children of Cain series, (that's in the works though) but the sequel to the bestselling dystopian novel Numbers Game by my writer friend Rebecca Rode. Numbers Ignite is due out January 26th, 2016. That's a while from now, but you can see the new cover and learn more about it here while you wait. 

Numbers Ignite 
Rebecca Rode
(Numbers Game, #2)
Publication date: January 26th, 2016
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult
Treena and Vance think they’ve pulled out of the numbers game forever. They’re wrong.
After Treena’s disastrous attempt to unite the nation, she has the deaths of hundreds haunting her dreams. Now, with hatred and accusations following her past the border, she’s determined to leave that horrible day behind and find a peaceful, uneventful life with Vance and the settlers. But when she starts seeing mysterious figures hiding in the abandoned cities at night and uncovers a strange desert population, she realizes there’s a danger much greater than NORA to worry about—and she just abandoned her people to their fate.
Vance is a prisoner. Being rejected by the girl he loves and put on trial for betraying his clan are bad enough, but now he’s been framed for a crime he never committed. Their less-than-perfect refuge has become the political game of a madman, and Vance is the only one who can stop it—if he can keep from being executed first.
Treena and Vance are still very much in the game, and this time it will take everything they have to save those they love.
*Numbers Ignite is the sequel to the runaway Amazon #1 Bestseller, Numbers Game.
Sequel to:


Author Bio:
REBECCA RODE is an award-winning author, journalist, and mother of four. She is the author of the YA dystopian novel, NUMBERS GAME, and the inspirational book, HOW TO HAVE PEACE WHEN YOU'RE FALLING TO PIECES. She also writes for Deseret News,, FamilyShare, and Provo Daily Herald. However, her true love is writing for teenagers. She enjoys traveling, reading, and martial arts, and she has a ridiculous addiction to chocolate-banana shakes. Visit her at

Hosted by:


Now go forth and check out Numbers game ( If you haven't already read it) and mark your calendar for Numbers Ignite's release January 26th! 

Till next time,
R.J. Craddock

Friday, October 9, 2015

Funny 4 Free eBook Friday!!!

Hello, everyone! To shake things up a bit and for the sake of having more things to post about, I'm adding new segments to all my social media! One of which is Funny 4 Free eBook Friday! What's that? You ask. Well, it's where I post about something funny; a film, a story, a meme, a picture or what have you, and you the fans comment something funny back, share the post and like or follow the twinner posts on Facebook and Twitter. The fan/ reader who participates the most on the Friday post will win a free eBook either of one of my novels or of a third option should the reader already own both of my books. So here we go, the first installment of Funny 4 Free eBook Friday!
 I don't know how you all feel about reality television, but I personally think it's the worst thing ever! However I know people who I love and care for who absolutely love it, MOM *Cough* so I won't rip on it too much. I will say though that the best kinds of reality shows are home improvement shows like Love It or List It and Flea Market Flip or mockumentary shows like The Office. Otherwise, I feel one's time is better spent reading a book, but then I'm an author so I might be bias. 

Anyways that's all for now. Don't forget to comment, share, and like this post or go to my Facebook page  or Twitter to comment, like and share there as well and use #rjcraddockbooks to get a chance to win a free eBook! The winner will be announced tomorrow Saturday 10th 2015. 

Now go forth and be funny this fine Friday

Until next time, R.J. Craddock

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Man in the Black Top Hat by Ju Ephraime - Book Review

Once again it seems as though I've fallen off the face of the earth or at least the internet world. But, alas, gentle readers, I am still living; just overwhelmed and having perhaps the craziest summer of my life. Anyhow, I return to you today with a book review! "And the villagers rejoiced! Yea!" The book? The Man in the Black Top Hat by Ju Ephraime. 

Synopsis: Syria Warrington came home one afternoon and found an old black top hat on her front step, being a lover of all things old; she did not hesitate to take it into her home. But bringing this top hat into her home unknowingly exposed her to the spirit that called this hat home. The strange happenings that began to take place in her home from that day on had Syria questioning her sanity. Her life, as she knew it, began to quickly unravel before her very eyes as night after night she found herself in the arms of a stranger. Were her experiences real or imagined?

The Pros: I love the premise of this book, but then I grew up in a haunted house and was the center of that paranormal activity so maybe I'm bias. However, I love the physiological aspect of having a ghost stalker. You can't see them. You can't stop them. You can't really get a restraining order or call the cops. Heck, you can't even really tell anyone about it without everyone thinking you're crazy! That would drive anyone mad! Plus, the added sense that you're no longer safe in your own home and the fear that this entity will do harm to your family just adds to the tension the main character is under. Not to mention can you imagine being afraid to go to sleep for fear of what this invisible stalker will do to you? I relate to Syria's love of old things, and this helped me connect with her. I have always enjoyed things from other eras more than my own. However, I buy old furniture and pieces and make them over, I even paint them! This, Syria would never approve of. What's funny is I just barely bought a 1940's telephone from a flea market for decor in my kitchen. I got it for a steal, too, and then I went and read this book and now I'm worried that I may have made the same mistake Syria did! (Spoiler) Hmmm, I'll have to keep an eye on that phone, I'm not tossing it into a barbecue anytime soon but if it starts moving about the house, or I start having crazy sex dreams about some random World War II solider then it's out of here!

The Cons: This book is written in a style that resembles a memoir more than a traditional novel, meaning that the majority of the book is summarized. Instead of unfolding as if you were apart of the story, you feel like an outsider reading an account from someone's journal. This is acceptable from time to time in a book when events need to move along, but as a whole book it undermined the tension of the situation the leading lady was under. The book also seems to have ten beginnings, the story doesn't really start until chapter three. There was some good background info in there to help setup the story but because it was written the way it was, without action or in the moment, it felt dry. We also know who the ghost is before the haunting even begins which I felt hurt the tension and the suspense of the book. Although I did enjoy the chapter written from the ghost's perspective. I think it would've been a better read to have taken that out or put it in later. Perhaps after Syria had figured out the identity of the personage possessing the top hat first, then have him reveal to her his side of their once-encounter when he was living and how he/the hat came to be in her home. This, I think, would've made it more of a mystery and heightened the intensity of the story. Although some really creepy things do happen in this tale, my morbid side wanted the ghost to go a step further and for things to get even crazier than they did. If this is indeed based on a true story then I understand why the author didn't take things down darker paths. Despite this, I still enjoyed the book. A few random notes. This book is slightly erotic. Personally, I don't read traditional romance or erotica novels. There really not my thing, partially because it is rather difficult to write a good sex scene that isn't corny let alone a whole book packed with them! The writer of such books has to keep things fresh, change up the sex scenes, and be careful not to be repetitive in positions/situations or descriptions. I would rate the sex scenes in this book a notch or two below the steaminess of a Sookie Stackhouse novel. They're not super kinky but not mellow either. However, with all the sex acts happening with the ghost and the husband being in the master bedroom they tend to repeat each other. I do give the author credit for trying to change them up though and did enjoy some of her descriptions. Eventually when Syria finally confided in her mother about the situation her mom told her to call a "Ghostbuster" to get rid of the ghost. I thought it was funny when the mom used the term. Syria uses it in her narrative three times afterward even after she had researched paranormal activities on the internet. Paranormal Investigator, Exorcist, or Medium would've been more proper terms and Syria would know this from her googling. It's not a big deal but it seemed odd and took me out of the story. Although she never ended up calling such a person to solve her haunting issues, I did like the solution she and her friend eventually came up with and how the book ended. 

Overall I give this book four hats/stars. It's a good, steamy read for any paranormal lover or twisted weirdo like me. I enjoyed this book and the heebbie-jeebbies it gave me. Though it may have ruined me from thrift store shopping and frequenting flea markets for a while. My hat is off to the author for creating this chilling tale. 

Now go forth and give this haunted, twisted romance a read, but do so at your own risk! Muwa-ha-ha-haaa! You can find it here.  Till next time.

R.J. Craddock

Monday, April 13, 2015

Acquisitions by Christine Haggerty - Book Review

Hello again, my book loving friends! Today I'm reviewing a book by a fellow Utah Fantasy Guild author Christine Haggerty, called “Acquisitions”. It is a Young Adult Dystopian novel, and book one in the Plague Legacy series. 

Synopsis: Half a century after the world was decimated by a bio-engineered plague, military scouts are acquisitioning a new supply of exports—slaves. Orphan, Cameron Landry, is dealing with the loss of his family, most recently his revered older brother Dom. As Cam tries to forge new friendships and navigate the awkwardness of his first experiences with teen romance, he is also running from the aggressive mutant bully, Devon Miller. Against a background of burned homes and a rusting ship, Cam has to find the strength within himself to survive. Cam and his friends are on different sides of the mutant and immune societal divide—even though they are teenage orphans who are largely left to govern themselves, they live in a post-apocalyptic society that has taught them to believe that there are distinct differences in the categories of human beings. 

The Pros: First off, I must admit I'm not one of the scores of readers in the world that adores Dystopian novels. In general they just don't do it for me. This is mostly because the concepts behind their new world governments, and the reasons behind the former societies collapse, are convoluted at best. I will say that this is not the case with “Acquisitions”. Everything made sense within this world and I really appreciated the effort the writer put into making this world seem realistic. I found this book to be very well-written. There were great descriptions throughout and occasionally those descriptive moments took my breath away. The author has a very good grasp of her characters. This made it easy to get to know each new person that came into the story without feeling like the reader was being spoon-fed information. The writer doesn't make you feel stupid by pointing out the obvious; she lets you experience the story as it plays out. The lead character, Cameron, was very likable and easy to root for. Although he does have that annoying trait most teenage boys have of not knowing exactly how he feels toward the two female characters and does the typical guy things. However, this did make him feel realistic, so I forgave him. After all, most teenage boys act like a deer caught in headlights when they first encounter love, they can't help it. I really liked that the two female love interests were opposite from each other, yet not so much that it seemed unrealistic that Cam would like both of them. They still had enough similarities to have appeal to the same guy. The setting and era of the story was well done and felt very real for me. Overall, I loved the concept of the world that the author created.

The Cons: Although they're headed to a fascinating world called Salvation that seems a throwback to Roman times with Gladiators and such. The world we start off in isn't very exciting at all. Cam's world is that of a dying nation, that is really just a carcass of its former fatty self. It makes for an interesting backdrop but it's not a terribly exciting place to read about. I must warn you that this is the first book in a series and just like most first books it has to carry the heavy burden of establishing a world on its fledgling shoulders. This means that not much happens within its pages besides character development and world building. It is at its heart a travel log. (Think "The Hobbit" or "The Fellowship of the Ring"). In my opinion the other two books in that series, "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" are faster paced and more interesting reads. I'm hoping that this is the case with The Plague Legacy series and that next book, “Assets: The Plague Legacy, Volume 2”, is even better than the first with faster pacing without losing attention to details

(Spolier Alert!! Skip this next paragraph if you don't want the ending given away) 

Overall, the books pacing was just too slow, which is funny for me to say since I generally don't go for fast-paced action-packed books. This is probably the first time I've ever really enjoyed a book, yet felt a little bored at the same time. I think this is in part due to the fact that I was expecting a more action-packed read because of the books blurb. I think I was expecting to get to Salvation a lot earlier in the book and for there to be more action and gore. Don't get me wrong there is some action throughout the book. Tension builds between Cam and his mutant rival Devon from the very beginning but it gets derailed on their journey across the Ocean. When Devon gets sent into solitary confinement for a few days the tension lapses and I think this hurt the books ending making it anti-climatic for me. I understand why the author removed Devon from the main action for a bit, if she hadn't, Cam would never have gotten a chance to get close to Devon's twin, Tara, who Devon guards protectively like an obsessive lover. While this helped the romance along it killed the overall tension and made Cam's overcoming Devon as an obstacle less fulfilling for me. In fact, Devon's comeuppance was over way too quickly and the ending just felt too abrupt. 

Despite all this, I still really enjoyed the book and give it a four star rating! I think it's a great improvement on the typical Y.A. Dystopian novel with hints of Charles Dickens in its tale. I would call it a mix of “Oliver Twist” and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”. Christine Haggerty created a nitty-gritty world that is perfect for a coming-of-age adventure that both sexes can enjoy. (Here's a little old style Mad Max for your amusement below!)

Now go forth and read people, read! If you want to read this book in particular you can find it here! And yes that was Tina Turner in the video. "Rolling, rolling, rolling down the river!" She was awesome in that film. And yes Mel Gibson was once a total hottie, too bad gravity ruins everything :(

Till next time,
R.J. Craddock

Friday, March 6, 2015

What Makes You An Author?

In the film “Amelie” the title character says, “…every seller window should have a person who whispers comebacks...” That would be my dream job, to tell people off and rebuke their asinine arguments. "At least you'll never be a vegetable - even artichokes have hearts." However, I was raised in a culture of kindness and goodwill where a gift like mine has no use. And it's not considered very nice to tell people they suck, or that their point is ridiculous even if you say it in a colorful and intelligent way. Furthermore, we now live in a world where you can no longer agree to disagree and stay civil. If you disagree with someone you're a monster. Meanwhile, there are people out there publishing ludicrous opinions as fact via blogs, Twitter, and Facebook who think they can go unchallenged or un-corrected. But since I was taught The Golden Rule and that old adage: "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all”, I've learned to keep my comebacks and jibes to myself rather than saying them aloud. Until now that is. I’ve decided to use my gift for a worthy cause, to defend the under-appreciated and misjudged. I'm speaking, of course, of self-published authors, my people, my kind.

Recently I read a blog post wherein the blogger said boldly that "Self-published authors shouldn't be called authors at all." He stated that they were not the same as traditionally published authors. "Just because it’s easy to upload your written word, so that it can be downloaded to another machine does not make you an author, any more than me buying a stethoscope allows me to be called a doctor." A more idiotic statement I have never heard. For one, you’re comparing a profession of science, that requires ten plus years of schooling and training to a profession that doesn't require a degree or training at all. Writing is an art form more than it will ever be a science. You can learn techniques and method until you’re blue in the face, but that won't make you a great writer. It's not something that can just be taught, it has to be earned. With every bad bit of dialogue and every poorly-thought plot point, a writer hones their craft. Writing is all about trial and error, rewrites, and do-overs. A doctor can't afford to make a mistake. There are no second drafts when it comes to saving a life. It's a precise science, whereas writing is subjective. What constitutes great writing in one genre is nonsensical in another. Two authors can have the same idea and yet write two completely different books.

The blogger went on to say that the true definition of what makes a real author is whether certain organizations recognize them as such. These guilds/associations base their inclusion on how much money an author makes. So apparently an author is only judged on the nickels and dimes they have to rub together not on the quality of their prose or character development. "You have to earn $1,000.00 in the form of an advance on a single Eligible Novel. Or, you have to earn $1,000.00 in the form of royalties or a combination of advance plus royalties on a single published Eligible Novel. Finally, you have to pull in $5,000.00 in the form of earnings for a Self-Published novel." It seems that this blogger is confusing professional with successful.

There are plenty of individuals in lots of professions that, although talented, are not particularly successful by most people's standards. To be professional at anything means you are doing it as your profession, you treat it like a job, not a hobby. Again, this is where his comparison of doctors to writers makes little sense. However, we'll stick with it a moment to prove my point. To be a professional doctor you have to: go to school, get the training/degree, set up a practice, and be compliant with certain laws and regulations. To be successful/make money as a doctor you have to: advertise and network so that people know who you are and where your office is located, you have to have a good bedside manner with your patients. This gets you recommended from your satisfied clientele to their friends and family. Now, there are a few ways to go about becoming a professional writer. If you want to be a journalist and write for a newspaper or magazine you need to: go to school, get a degree, do some internships/ training/ build your resume, and then apply for a job(s). For this kind of writing schooling is necessary. To be a successful writer for a newspaper or magazine you have to: have people skills, have an article or column that lots of people read and enjoy, you have to have some credentials for the type of work you write, for example, if you write for a finance magazine you need to know something about finance and be able to write an article that makes sense and gets the point across in the allotted word count.

However, the above mentioned blogger wasn't talking about a magazine writer or columnist in a newspaper he was talking about authors of novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and so on. So what are the requirements for a novelist then? To be a professional novelist/author you have to: have a story to tell and know the technique to tell it. Believe in your story to the point of madness (being a tad insane doesn't hurt). Submit your work to agents/publishers, get a publishing deal. Have your books distributed to bookstores/have an online platform where readers can find your work. To be successful/make money as an author you need to have: A recognizable name (as in, people have heard of you and your work). A finished product to sell that looks professional. Have a book that is easy to find and buy because it is widely distributed and promoted, and have and maintain a solid reputation as a good writer which means your work is of a high quality (reviews). If you're writing about a certain topic it helps if you've studied it or have a degree in that field but it's not necessary as you can always research it for the book or hire someone to do that for you. If you're writing Fiction, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy you can do without a ton of research and come up with a lot of it entirely out of your own skull. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an English degree to write a book in the language, they have these people called editors who can "edit" your work for you. Proofreaders and beta readers who go through it and help you find the segments that don't make sense or slow down the flow of the story.

Comparing a doctor to a writer is idiotic because it takes a truly bad doctor with terrible people skills and poor judgment to fail at his profession, where as an author's success is based almost entirely on the readers. You can be the best writer ever and do everything right and still not be successful if people don't hear about you, can't find your printed work to purchase, and you don't get good reviews thus not getting word of mouth recommendations to other readers.

Many an artist never reaches true success until long after they are gone. Garnishing fans over the last hundred plus years American author, Edgar Allan Poe, struggled in his own time. Poe’s total earnings as a “professional” author, poet, editor, and lecturer were about $6,200.00, and that is over a course of fourteen years! His highest payment he ever received was when his classic short story, "The Gold-Bug" won a $100.00 prize from Philadelphia's Dollar Newspaper. In John Ward Ostrom’s lecture, “Poe's Literary Labors and Rewards, ¬Myths and Reality at the Baltimore: The Edgar Allan Poe Society 1987”, he calculated that Poe's life earnings as a writer, $6,200.00 would be worth about $56,000 by 1987. Divide that by fourteen years that means that Poe only made $400 a year! Now I'm not sure what the dollar is worth today in relation to the poverty level we were at in the 80's, but I dare say that even now Poe's earnings would be considered poultry at best. By the before-mentioned blogger’s standards, Edgar Allan Poe, the inventor of the detective novel and one of the most celebrated American novelists of all time, would not be deemed worthy of the title “professional author.”

Dutch post-impressionist Artist, Vincent Van Gogh, lived in poverty, producing close to 900 works, yet only selling one. The Red Vineyard at Arles sold for 400 Francs. That's equal to about $1,00000-$1,050.00 today. However, now his works are all very sought after. The Portrait of Dr. Gachet painted June 1890 was sold in 1990 for $138.4 million. By this one blog’s standard, Van Gogh was not a professional, he was not of value. Yet his paintings didn't change over the years. They are the same now as they were then. So is the case with a novel. It doesn't transform into a masterpiece the second it makes x amount of dollars or gets a publisher’s stamp slapped on it. The writing process is the same for an indie as it is for a traditional author. Big name authors don't have magical pixie dust that makes a book appear out of thin air. Writing is work; it is hard work, no matter who you are, period.

Personally, I like to compare the publishing world today to the film industry. Every year the big studios release about 200 films. Not all of them are glowing gems of cinematic brilliance. Some are "Schindlerd’s List" Oscar contenders and others are simply of the "Dude, Where’s My Car" variety. Having been released by a big studio doesn't guarantee a film’s worth or success. Some are box office smashes, some are moderately successful and some just tank. The critically-acclaimed masterpieces are not always big money makers. The quality of the film has nothing to do with how much money was put into it, or how much it made. “American Beauty” had a budget of just $15 million yet won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. On the other hand, “Sucker Punch” had a budget of $82 million and only grossed $89.8 million worldwide, and was scorned by critics and movie goers alike. No, the quality of a film is dependent on the talent of the writers, cast, and the crew that made it.

Likewise, not all books released by the top five Publishing Houses are all quality books or big international best sellers. The best-sellers may not be the best written either. Take "Twilight" for example. I can't think of a book that creates more contempt in authors then Stephanie Meyer's four part vampire saga. Why? Because it is so poorly written, and its success so staggering that it angers other authors who actually have talent, yet struggle to make it in the mainstream world. They envy her success, sure, but they mock her inability to foreshadow, write interesting characters, or give a book a decent ending. She is not respected by a large part of the authors in the industry, traditionally published or indie. Yet, based off of this blogger’s criteria, she is a true author while small indie authors, like myself, aren't even worth noting because our book(s) haven't given us fat bank accounts. Meanwhile, some of the breakout films over the years have been low budget, well-written, independent films. These films got recognized for their brilliance because the film critics looked beyond the shiny logo of a big studio and judged it off of its own merit. The Sundance Film Festival was created for indie films to get a chance to shine. In fact, there are hundreds of film festivals like it that make it possible for films, that otherwise might never be seen, get noticed from movie goes, critics, and studios alike.

Finally, after an eternity in the dark ages, the publishing industry developed its own kind of Sundance for books: Amazon. Thanks to the invention of the e-reader and Print on Demand publishing, the once-silent now have a voice in the publishing world. The game has changed so that the big five can no longer decide for us what is worth reading and what isn't. After all, why should they have that power? They don't write the books, or come up with the plot. They aren't the ones toiling for months, and even years, over stories, weaving parts of their soul into their narratives. No, really all a publisher does is clean, package, and promote a product. Nowadays with the networks of freelance professionals online anyone can hire a few editors, a formatter, a cover artist,
and pay for their own advertising. About the only thing one can't do is get onto the shelves of a brick and mortar Barnes and Noble. This mostly has to do with limited store space and the cost of overhead. After all, they can't carry every book that they have on their online catalog in the store. They have to limit themselves to the ones that seem most likely to sell well. This doesn't mean anything about the quality of the books.

So, putting all that aside, what really makes an author and author? What does one have to do to be worthy of that prestigious title? Once more, what can be done to dispel this idiotic notion that indie authors are a lesser life form than traditional authors? Why is it that a person who decides to take their fate into their own hands and put out a book on their own is not as viable as those who get chosen by the publisher and have someone else produce their work for them? Why should those who have money and power decide for the rest of us what is hip and trendy and what is
not? Why are we still living in a world of haves and have not?

So my point is that there is a whole lot that goes into a book. There is a whole lot that goes into becoming an author. Whether you do it on your own, or with the help of a publisher, the process in large is the same, except one turns the writer into an employee and the other makes the writer god of their own universe. If your only goal in writing is to make money, then you might want to reconsider your profession. If you find you can't live with yourself if you don't at least try to write, then chances are this is what you’re meant to do. Because no matter how you publish, the only thing that is going to get you through all the crap that comes with writing is your level of passion and commitment. After all if Poe didn't give up after fourteen years of struggling, then neither should you! So, like the old axiom, "You can't judge a book by its cover", I likewise say, "You can't judge an author by their publisher!" That's all from this Indie Author's Soapbox.

Now go forth and buy an indie book! You know you want to! Or just buy any book, I don't care just as long as you're all out there reading!

Till next time,
R.J. Craddock

P.S. If you'd like to read the original blog that got me all riled up you can find it here.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Numbers Game Cover Reveal

Hello again, gentle readers. Sorry if it seems as though I've dropped off the face of the earth recently, with having my fourth child and all. But never fear, I haven't stopped writing and will get back to blogging more consistently soon. However, today we're not here to talk about me. Today you get to witness the cover reveal of a new YA Dystopian called “Numbers Game”. As you know I've featured other author's books on my blog before but this one is particularly exciting. Why? Because the author is a good friend of mine and we're both members of the same exceptionally awesome critique group (also, our husbands happen to be friends and former band mates). It's not every day I get to be a part of the process of developing someone else's book and see it come to fruition. At long last Rebecca's manuscript has completed its metamorphosis and the butterfly is about to emerge in print and ebook everywhere in March. So, without further ado, I present to you the cover of Rebecca Rode's exciting new book “Numbers Game”!

Treena is nervous for Rating Day. A single number will brand her forever—a valuable citizen, or a pathetic waste of space. Her top-Rated boyfriend is confident their scores will coincide so they can attend the academy together. But when the big day arrives, her true number shocks everyone.

To get her life—and boyfriend—back, she must go undercover and expose a military spy. Doesn’t sound too hard, except that someone wants her dead. And then there’s Vance, the mysterious soldier with a haunted past and beautiful brown eyes. Together, they discover a dark numbers conspiracy, one that shatters the nation’s future. Treena must join up with Vance if she is to survive the dangerous game of numbers—and the terrible war that rages within her heart.

REBECCA RODE is an award-winning author, journalist, and mother of four. She is the author of the inspirational book, How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces, and writes for Deseret News,, FamilyShare, and Provo Daily Herald. However, her true love is writing for teenagers. She enjoys traveling, reading, and martial arts, and she has a ridiculous affinity for chocolate-banana shakes. Visit her at

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep an eye out for the release of “Numbers Game” in March!

Now go forth, buy books, read books, review books, and repeat.

Untill next time, R.J. Craddock