Thursday, April 4, 2013

Win a Free Copy of my book "The Forsaken!" - Contest Blog

I promised to announce the details of the contest for the free copy of my book "The Forsaken" so here it is. There are two contests:

Contest #1 (Facebook) - Starting today, April 3rd, until May 1st the person who comments/shares/likes my R.J. Craddock Author Fan page, and my posts from that page, the most wins a book! (easy enough, right?) Remember, my blog is updated every Monday and Friday.

Contest #2 ( - Again starting today, April 3rd, until May 1st the person who refers the most people to join my website gets a free book. To do that you have to be a member yourself. Subscribe and then the site will give you the option to invite your friends to join. When you do this, add a personal message. Make sure to let them know that they need to make a comment on my contest blog on the website and add the name of the person who referred them. That's how you'll get credit. On May 2nd I'll announce the winners! Good luck, everyone!

Now as far as the book's actual release date, we're looking at May 1st. I'll have my offical book launch party a week or two after that. I'll make sure to annouce that as well. Keep an eye out for the "The Forsaken" trailer coming by the end of the month. 

Again, if you're entering the Website Contest, your referrals have to post your name in the comments of the contest blog at Make sure to tell them that, or you won't get credit for them! Thanks all for entering the contest. Happy sharing and such. 

Now go forth and promote my book for me, and win a free book while you're at it!

R.J. Craddock

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