Saturday, May 10, 2014

Idle Revolution by Lucid 8 - Music Review

A few years ago I would've said that Lucid 8's unique style was too different from the mainstream to be radio worthy. Their talent as musicians is undeniable and their musical chemistry is unlike anything else out there. Now with the release of their new album “Idle Revolution” (which is superb in its quality of sound recording), and with the shift in the music industry leaning more toward the eighties and nineties sound, it seems that perhaps Lucid 8's day in the limelight is finally at hand.

As an album “Idle Revolution” is a solid piece of work for this Utah band, flowing from one track to the next with seamless procession, making it a great experience for the listener. Two tracks stand out as obvious radio contenders.
Track number two on the album "The Truth" really packs a punch. This up-tempo tune has a catchy melody, great music, and clever lyrics with a theme that is relate-able for anyone who's ever dealt with a deceitful friend or lover who let them down one too many times. Track five "Pieces" is a heart-felt alternative rock ballad that will strike a chord with anyone who has kids, or has felt the loving support of good parents. 

As for the rest of the songs they all have a little something special that makes them memorable. As a whole I'd say that this album would fit nicely with the modern musical trend, with eighties and nineties influences, strong guitar work, excellent drums, and good vocals. It's hard to compare this band to any other, but I'll say that they can stand toe to toe with other well-known Utah bands such as Royal Bliss and American Hitmen. You can get Lucid 8's new album “Idle Revolution” at or on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Now go forth and pick up a copy or find them on your favorite online retailer and give these guys a listen. Till next time.

 R.J. Craddock

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