Friday, November 15, 2013

Watty You Talkin' About?

Don't know if you've heard but the Watty Awards are back! What are the Watty Awards, 
you ask? The Wattys are awarded, based on votes from the Wattpad community to the most
loved stories in PopFic, FanFic, and Original Fiction for young readers. The more people 
love a story, the better its chance of winning! So, yeah… it's a Wattpad popularity contest, 
but still I thought it would be fun to enter and see how I do. However, to enter I had to 
upload the entire book onto Wattpad, which means that "The Forsaken" is now available in 
its entirety to read for free on Wattpad! Originally I was only planning on adding one 
chapter a month from the book until it was complete and leave the whole book up on 
wattpad for just a couple of weeks. It seemed worth it to push the whole thing six months 
ahead of schedule for the chance to enter the contest. The Voting Period: Jan 6 - 31, 2014 
Winners Announced: February 2014 I'll make sure to remind everyone when voting starts. 
But until then here is some more info on the contest:

What the Winner Gets:

The Top Popular and On the Rise story in each subcategory of Original Fiction, PopFic, and 
FanFic, will be recognized with a Watty Award. We will cement your bragging rights as a 
Watty-award-winning writer by featuring your winning story in the Wattys Winner’s 
Showcase in the Discover section of our mobile app, on our blog, and on the Wattys 
Winner’s reading list.
All 16 winners in the Original Fiction category will each receive a $200 cash prize. 
Additionally, one lucky finalist in the Original Fiction category will win the chance to work 
with a Sourcebooks editor to develop his or her work for possible publication!

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news and get you all excited for the awards, too. Until 
the voting period starts you can still go and read my story as much as you like, but don't 
vote yet! To read it, go to this link:
In the meantime I'm also participating in NaNo Wrimo this year Feel free to buddy me on the website, my username is 
rjcraddock. I'm looking forward to writing at least fifty thousand words in book three "The 
Coven" this month. I'll keep you all updated on its progress as well.
Now go forth and read "The Forsaken" on Wattpad and share it with all your friends and 
family. If you do, make sure to review it on goodreads, amazon, and Barnes and Noble, 
too. Thanks!

R.J. Craddock

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